Understand About Cosmetic Knowledge Before Hire a Makeup Artist.

It’s hard to make a decision if you are just hiring based on the portfolio, or sometimes by looking at reviews are insufficient especially we are living in such hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

As a makeup artist based in KL, I’ve personally experienced different cosmetic usage and mixture are required for the different occasion. I’ve compiled the list here below so that you will be able to understand better before engaging with a makeup artist.

  1. Understanding of cosmetics brand

To hire the right makeup artist in Malaysia, first, you need to understand about cosmetic brands and how having good knowledge in cosmetic usage is super important in your events.

Some foundation stick that applied on your makeup, are meant for lasting for more than 8 hours under humid and hot weather.

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Some, are meant to look glowing but less oily especially if you have a type of oily facial skin. Having the wrong cosmetic brand might end up a disaster.

  1. The practical use of different makeup cosmetics brand.

What about if you had a skin outbreak just right before your wedding event? Would you be able to cover up your pimples?

What if your skin is too oily but you have always wanted to have the “glowing” makeup but doesn’t want to look as if it’s too oily?

This is where different cosmetic brand comes into the picture by applying some cover ups and fix your skin issues.

For example, there are some rare techniques to cover up pimples or really bad skin outbreak, but using different color contrast of “green and yellow” corrector, and glowing skin techniques for oily skin by using moisturizer foundation before makeup, which will make a totally different makeup outcome.

  1. The look and concept

What will be the makeup concept? Are you looking for a soft focus on the eyes? Or are you looking at focusing on your nose with downplaying the nose with contouring?

You have defined this in the first place, then makeup artist will be able to help you to achieve your makeup look with the right makeup products.

  1. Weather.

Do you know in Malaysia, it’s so hot to one point your makeup will melt within 30 minutes if you stand right under the sun?

And even if this is happening, like in some case your wedding lunch reception is so happened to host under the sun, this information will be important for you.

Some cosmetic brand, are meant to last you 5-8 hours under the hot sun without melting like Veil mineral primer, from Hourglass or Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base, NARS for lasting eye shadow base.

  1. Pricing.

With all the understanding of cosmetic product knowledge, you will be able to know why some makeup artist charge slightly more expensive than others because the cosmetic brand price tag and quality make a huge difference.

Fanny is a makeup artist based in Malaysia, and she specialized in Malay wedding. She is also teaching students on how to fast track their makeup career by providing great makeup course in KL and marketing strategy.

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