Learning Makeup in Malaysia

From my experience in makeup academy in Malaysia, the syllabus for some of the makeup class is quite outdated. You’ll be lucky if the makeup academy teaches you on how to adapt to latest makeup look but it all drills down on makeup basic and foundation.

I’ll explain why. When you have a strong foundation in makeup, it became really easy to master new makeup look by having great imagination and the right mixing.

However, it’s quite common for lots of makeup class in Malaysia that didn’t teach the right foundation. One fine example is that most makeup class and academy still teaches coloring and eye shadow on a piece of paper. Yes, you heard that right. Some even worst might have you to go through 4-5 full sessions of makeup class just coloring on a piece of paper.

As I covered and explain what syllabus another makeup class teaches, it’s really important on how to blend, mix and contour.

Early exposure is very important.

When you are starting out studying in the makeup academy, it’s very important to join makeup events to gain exposure and real experience doing makeup under quick turnaround and different environment.

It’s very helpful to build the right connection especially with event managers, photographers and different vendors since this will help you to get the marketing and referral as a bridal makeup artist .

Makeup tools / cosmetics

You might think the best makeup brush would be those fancy brands in the luxury cosmetics shops like Sephora etc, but you’ll be surprised the best quality brush sometimes can be as cheap as RM150 compared what is sold in cosmetic shops that cost you RM400-500 for a set.

Following the right makeup influencer online will help you to learn about the right product and cosmetic brands and where to source for them.

In our makeup class in Malaysia, we help students not just on learning makeup, but learning how to learn makeup.

Getting clients.

Being good at makeup is just half of the equation. You need to know everything in the business to be able to market and position your brand as a makeup artist.

From doing SEO, Instagram growth, Facebook Ads and other PR activity, in short, it’s very important to know how to get yourself out there on the internet.

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