How To Hire An Experienced Makeup Artist in Malaysia.

Weather if you are attending friend’s wedding, the graduation of your beloved friends or family members, or important product launch that everyone in your company has anticipated, these are what we call “important” moments in your life.

Hiring a great makeup artist should be your #1 priority because your appearance of the night can hugely influence your experience. You have to look fabulous and the best version of yourself during this moment and makeup must be your priority,

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As a makeup artist for all sorts of the event in Malaysia, I have compiled all the list here for you to learn on how to choose the right makeup artist.

  1. The signature makeup style

Before you engage the makeup artist, you have to first learn about her signature makeup style. 99% of greatest makeup artist usually famous for their signature makeup look. By understanding their signature style, you will be able to learn how they will deliver the great look for your important event.

If you are looking at makeup style that focused on your eyes, it’s best to look at their past portfolio and get an idea if it’s something you would love. As most makeup artist is very active on Instagram, It’s best that you browse their Instagram photos and get an idea of the style.

  1. Their academy/makeup mentor.

This is rare, but most people wouldn’t realize that early education and the academy plays a very big role in makeup artist quality. Not only that, the mentor/inspiration of the makeup artist is even more crucial in determining how the makeup artist develop her art and improve her self.

You will be able to get to learn about the makeup artist from whom she looks up to, and who is her inspiration.

  1. What is their specialization

It’s all about specialization. A wedding makeup pro, may not necessarily be good at Halloween makeup. Not being judgemental, but specialization is all about passion. Without passion, makeup artist won’t thrive and grow.

You can’t expect her as a makeup artist to be able to deliver great makeup for all occasions.

Once you understand the specialization, then finding the great makeup artist that will deliver good results will be much easier. It’s much easier this way to identify specialization, just head to their Instagram and see what are the events that they involved mostly.

  1. Makeup service charges and the product they use.

Have you ever heard of this analogy  “pay peanuts get money”? Well, it applies to every pricing model that makeup artist charge.

Some charged about RM 500 for one wedding makeup session, while some charged RM 1,000.

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But before you conclude and being judgemental, let me walk you through the journey of becoming PRO.

  1. They spend RM 50,000 to graduate for a Degree in Malaysia
  2. They spend additional RM 8,000 to RM 12,000 for good makeup lessons from reputable makeup academy in Malaysia
  3. They spend about average RM 5,000 to RM 10,000, some up to RM 20,000 a  year to get decent cosmetic brands, and much more if they are using luxury brands such as “Channel” or “Dior”
  4. They spend at least 10-20 unpaid hours a week, to learn and get inspired by the latest makeup techniques.
  5. Some makeup artist that already started their family, they sacrificed their family outing activities if your event falls under the weekend.

So if the makeup artist is charging you for a certain amount of fee, you will have to consider her pathway becoming a PRO and consider her investment to be a great makeup artist in Malaysia

Fanny is an experienced makeup artist based in KL , Malaysia. She specialised in Malay wedding makeup , dinner and events makeup.

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