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About Me

Fanny is an experienced makeup artist based in Klang Valley. She is also one of the invited makeup artists for JomKahwin, the largest Muslim wedding expo in Asia that takes place in Klang Valley several times a year. 

Fanny is a firm believer of makeup for the good of the many. She strongly encourages both men and women to appreciate the art of makeup, because makeup itself is not just all about beautiful faces, but the ability to bring out someone’s unique character. 

Although she attended the Islamic University of Bandung where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management, her talent and love for makeup has led her to the fashion and beauty industry instead. Fanny is also passionate about muslim fashion. 

So if you’re looking for a makeup artist in Malaysia who can give you the look you want for whatever event, be it a wedding, office party or photoshoot, fanny has your back covered. 

Fanny travels to her clients, too. So even if you are not based in the Klang Valley, she will still be available for you. 

Client satisfaction is always Fanny’s top priority. So whether you want to look like a completely different person or the ‘enhanced’ version of you, Fanny has her makeup kit from quality brands ready for you, to give you the fabulous effects you’re looking for. Smokey eyes, nude makeup, etc. You name it.


Photoshoots, catwalks and commercials — what do all of these share in common? They all need makeup artists. And these are just some of the many types of events that require the magic touch of a makeup artist.

At Fanny Beauty Makeup, we aim to create not just beautiful faces, but also edgy, photo-ready looks that brings out the best in one’s true character.

In the past, we had proudly supported big events like Jomkahwin, Asia’s largest Muslim wedding expo, where we served as one of the event’s makeup artists. We are passionate about what we do, hence our strong commitment towards our mission in sharing our love for makeup with the world.

We offer our makeup services to clients all around Klang Valley who want to create makeup styles for all types of events. So whether you are looking for makeup services for your upcoming events, our team here at Fanny Beauty Makeup will have you covered.


Our team of makeup experts is highly-skilled and well-trained, and will be ready to support your events, whether big or small, with high-quality makeup and top-notch results, anytime.

We are open for collaborations with event organisers for big and small fashion shows, cosmetics and FMCG brands, fashion and catwalk models, production houses and more who need our makeup expertise.

We also look forward to working with local and international charities, roadshows, corporate conferences, TV commercials, product launch events and wedding expos.

So come on and drop us a line. Let’s have a seat and discuss together about your makeup goals.

We give all of our clients a free one-time consultation and a free makeup trial prior to every event.



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