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Before hiring your makeup artist, learn about the makeup artist academic and her background

Hiring for a good makeup artist for your important event is extremely crucial. Especially living in such hot and humid weather in KL and other states in Malaysia. You first need to really understand to hire a good makeup artist, it’s highly advisable to know the journey of becoming a great makeup artist and how they are different compared to another makeup artist in terms of skills and charges.

Understand About Cosmetic Knowledge Before Hire a Makeup Artist.

It’s hard to make a decision if you are just hiring based on the portfolio, or sometimes by looking at reviews are insufficient especially we are living in such hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

As a makeup artist based in KL, I’ve personally experienced different cosmetic usage and mixture are required for the different occasion. I’ve compiled the list here below so that you will be able to understand better before engaging with a makeup artist.

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