Before hiring your makeup artist, learn about the makeup artist academic and her background

Hiring for a good makeup artist for your important event is extremely crucial. Especially living in such hot and humid weather in KL and other states in Malaysia. You first need to really understand to hire a good makeup artist, it’s highly advisable to know the journey of becoming a great makeup artist and how they are different compared to another makeup artist in terms of skills and charges.

  1. The academy background.

Do you know, it cost a makeup artist roughly RM8,000 to RM 12,000 just to earn the professional certification as a certified makeup artist? The cost of education is one thing, but it’s equally important to understand which makeup academy in Malaysia that the makeup artist graduated from.

Some makeup academy in Malaysia is commercial driven, instead of value driven.

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What is commercially driven and value driven? Well, commercial driven means that the academy is operating base on pure profit and the only selling point is providing graduation certification. On the other hand, some good academy is providing great value instead of commercial, their goal is to improve makeup artist skills and knowledge, and followed by academy financial to keep them afloat in the business.

This is two big different academy value, and by understanding which academy they attend you will be very likely to know their makeup knowledge.

2. The teaching methodology

Second, you will have to understand the teaching methodology in the academy. You will be surprised to find out that many academies in Malaysia are still teaching makeup methods which are dated 20 years ago.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, you still have some really good basic with old techniques but as the cosmetic brand evolved every year to fit new makeup style, the academy should learn about latest technique so that the student is well equipped with the latest trend.

This makes a huge difference because the student will be able to learn the “framework” of adapting to a new makeup style. If the academy doesn’t teach this “framework”, lots of the student would likely just stick to the basic techniques and learning new ones will be difficult unless she/he is a type of makeup artist that keep learning new things.

3. The student exposure

Remember, the academic is about 80%  theoretical and 20% practicality. It’s very important to know how much exposure does the makeup artist have after graduation.

Some students are able to absorb and learn like “sponge”, which fast-track them to become great makeup artist with very little experience. While other students literally take 3-5 years to be a pro makeup artist.

One way to know this, ask by learning about what events/fashion shows in Malaysia that he/she have attended, and how often they involved in local events in KL / Malaysia.

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4. The product and makeup techniques

 The product is everything. Results of the makeup are 80% on how knowledgeable is the makeup artist understand about the cosmetic product and 20% of how they use it.

For example, if your wedding event is done in the morning under the hot sun, you will have to get foundation blend that will not melt easily and can last at least 4-5 hours. On the other hand, if you are attending an evening event and required changing of new clothes for a wedding event, you will have to know clearly if you are changing new makeup look or just going to maintain the look. Its totally different makeup techniques for all these situations.

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5. Understanding your requirement.

Communication is one of the keys in order to hire the right makeup artist in Malaysia. Due to different working culture in Malaysia, it’s best to understand your requirement clearly and provide the right quote before starting the work. This is to avoid unnecessary conflict and misunderstanding as the most makeup artist in Malaysia attend to makeup event differently. For example, if you are attending a company dinner event, please make sure you let the makeup artist know that in advance that you need dress fitting help or hairstyle accessories that fit your gowns. Having all this proper communication in advance will help both the makeup artist and the client to deliver a good job.

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